VPN allows you to have online privacy. As an internet user, you should always turn on your VPN whenever connected to a wifi network – secured or otherwise to ensure privacy and data safety including but not limited to personal information, bank details, and so on. We believe in a free and open internet and want users to benefit by having control over their digital footprint. Users can safely enjoy various activities from online browsing to video streaming wherever they are.

Our app aims to offer the best VPN service available by using multi-layer rotating encryption along with a set of proprietary protocols and patented algorithms to ensure all your data is secured. It offers adblockers and auto-connect option, along with a wide range of region options which help you access all geo-blocked content. Most importantly we do not monetize by collecting or sharing any user data.

You can read our privacy policy here - Privacy Policy

We absolutely do not collect, store, or sell any user data.

The main features are:

  • Unlimited VPN
  • Faster speed
  • Ad-Free experience
  • Auto-Connect (On-Demand)
  • Accelerate
  • Privacy Plus (Ad Block)
  • All regions

We offer three different subscription durations - 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year. Amongst these, you can choose one that best suits your requirement.

We currently do not facilitate that mainly because we prioritise your online anonymity. In order to use this feature, users will have to create an account with us which can then store and share purchase information across devices. By buying individual plans on each of your devices, you ensure your online anonymity and privacy thus keeping all your information secure.

You can earn free VPN time by watching a certain number of ads.

You can reach out to us at support@freevpnapp.org or if you have a specific question or concern use the form by clicking here